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Rivlin Family

Rivlin Family

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Rivlin Idol September 2009 4

יחי נשיא מדינת ישראל
יחי נשיא מדינת ישראל!

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Young Rivlins Picnic
(Channel 2 News)

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Welcome to the Rivlin Family Website
ראשון, 07 יוני 2009



The purpose of this website is to make known to members of the Rivlin family and others the long and great history of the family and, in particular, to enable every child and young adults to become familiar with our predecessors, the places they had come from, what their activities had been and the contribution they had made.

It is intended that the website will also help family members to become acquainted with those who are continuing in the family tradition at the present time.

More than anything, it his hoped that this website will prove to be a useful tool for the present generation and those following us.

It is said that a people who are not acquainted with their past will not have a future.  Our family's past history is an impressive one, and it is hoped that its future will be just as great and will not constitute a disappointment to its past.

You are invited to register and enter the website, to surf through it, move from one subject to another, discover and learn about past and present family members and their stories; the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and younger generation; and become familiar with our history and the foundation corners of the family. 

It is hoped that this website will become a communication tool for members of the Rivlin family throughout the world, and assist in encouraging members of the younger generation to continue in the footsteps of our parents and their predecessors.

One additional item... building the website was expensive and we are grateful to all the Rivlin Family members and friends who contributed generously to get this big job done. Maintaining the site and building on it also costs money and we need your help to support that. Please note the PayPal box on the right side of this page and make whatever contribution you can to help us keep the Rivlin Family website alive and well for years to come.  

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Before registering for the website, please read carefully the instructions on the help page and note the details of how to contact the Editors and Webmaster.

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